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The vision of Radical Manhood is to reach men and to provide coaching for men, training men, and discipleship of men to grow them to serve pivotal roles in our society.

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We are immensely grateful for your generous donation, which fills our hearts with gratitude and joy. Your support is truly invaluable as we strive to empower men, helping them realize their full potential and embrace the greatness that God has destined for them. As a 501c(3) organization, we recognize that our ability to make a significant impact on men would be impossible without your partnership and unwavering support. Thank you for making a difference and for believing in our mission.

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Meet Dwight Mason and Matt Johnson, two passionate and dedicated leaders who have made it their mission to ignite a fire in the hearts of men everywhere and help them fall head-over-heels in love with Jesus Christ! These guys are the real deal, pouring their hearts and souls into their work every single week to help men discover their true significance, strength, and security.

Let me tell you, these two know how to grow men into powerful leaders and influencers. They're not just teaching men how to lead, they're showing them how to lead like champions. With their infectious energy and unwavering dedication, Dwight and Matt are making waves in the world of men's empowerment and inspiring men everywhere to step up and become the best version of themselves.

So if you're ready to join the movement and become a leader and man of influence, then look no further than Dwight Mason and Matt Johnson. These two guys are the real deal, and they're ready to help you unlock your full potential and become the man you were always meant to be. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and transformed!

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Creating Space to Connect
Men & Build Mentors

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Join a Weekly Conversation

As Iron Sharpen Iron, It Cannot Happen In Isolation

Once A Month Meeting
Every 3rd Monday

November 20, December 18 


2150 State Route 39
@ 7:00pm


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