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New Study Begins July 16 
Online Study (James)

We delve into the Word of God to pursue genuine growth, anchored in understanding Truth. John 17:17 underscores this pursuit, affirming the sanctification of individuals in Truth, with God's Word serving as the epitome of Truth. As men, we commit to a profound exploration of Scripture, recognizing it as God's declaration to humanity. Through this intentional engagement, we aim to grasp the profound wisdom, guidance, and transformative power embedded within its pages. Just as a document cannot be printed if the paper output tray remains closed, our spiritual journey remains incomplete if we fail to open ourselves to the illuminating insights and divine truths found within the Word of God.

The Book Of James

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Chapter 1 

What are the main points of this chapter?

How should Christians view trials in their life? Why? (2-3)

What is the value of developing patience? (4)

If we lack wisdom, what should we do? Why? How? (5-6)

What is one who doubts like? What can he expect? Why? (6-8)

In what should the lowly brother glory? The rich man? (9-10)

What is the rich man like in his pursuits? (10-11)

When is the man who endures temptation blessed? How will he be blessed? (12)

What should no one say when they are tempted? Why? (13)

 Then how is one tempted? (14)

 When is sin born? What does sin produce when full-grown? (15)

 What is the source of every good gift and every perfect gift? (17)

 How has God brought us forth (given us birth)? Why did He do this? (18)

 What does James desire of his "beloved brethren"? (19)

 Why should one be "slow to wrath"? (20)

 What needs to be laid aside? (21)

 What needs to be received with meekness? Why? (21)

 To avoid deceiving ourselves, what must we be? (22)

 What is one like who hears the word but does not do it? (23-24)

 Who will be truly blessed in what they do? (25)

 Whose religion is useless? (26)

 What is pure and undefiled religion before God? (27)

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